Website Redesign

Businesses often think that once a website is built, it will bring in customers and revenue.  Sadly this is not the case.    How often have you attempted to fix a problem with your car, or attempted to fix a leaky radiator?  I’m sure most of us have, and the majority of times, this leads to more expensive problems down the line.

The same can be said for websites.  If you do not take care of them, they will not take care of you, i.e. be a platform to bring in extra revenue.


Search engines are not impressed with websites that are old.  If your website is old, there is a good chance that the non-updated content does not meet search engines requirements any more.   This has a knock on effect as your position in search engines results is lower, which means customers cannot find you easily.  With older websites, you may be spending more time correcting issues.

Everyone should be aiming for first or second page results with search engines like Google for the chosen keywords.

One solution to keep your website alive via a blog.  Blogs give you the ability to add new content that is relevant to you website whilst increasing your search engine result position.


Blogging does not mean you have to write a diary entry every day.  Periodically write some relevant about your business.  This could be:

A new service that you you have just launched

A new accreditation you have just acquired

Company announcements, for example – advanced notice of holiday opening hours

A new range of products


Blogging carries various name – Latest News, Latest Updates, Blog, Announcements.

Our Web Design service also covers website redesign, i.e. take you existing website and freshen it up.

Please refer to our Web Design/ Redesign service for further information.